Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Introduction from my Furever Home

Its been 4 months since I and my sister, Gidget, were welcomed into our furever home. I have been renamed Keira and sis Gidget is now Cassidy. Its taken me a while to add to my blog because I have been so busy exploring my new yard, keeping Mom and Dad on their toes with puppy antics and playing and playing all day with Cassidy. Mom and Dad saw us on PetFinder and filled out the IBR application. My Foster Mom, Anne, and Cassidy's Foster Mom, Alison, drove us to this new home to meet the nice couple. We all spent some time together and I got to be reunited with my sister whom I hadn't seen for a while. My wildest dream came true when the nice couple said they wanted BOTH OF US!!!!

There's just Cassidy, myself and Mom and Dad. With the 1:1 ratio we get constant interaction with our parents; especially since Mom and Dad work opposite days and schedules. Three days of the week we are alone only 2-1/2 hours in our crates from the time Dad leaves until Mom gets home. Other than those few hours 3 days of the week a parent is home with us 24/7 unless they are out running errands. We are so lucky to have our parents home with us so much.

We have a big yard with lots of trees AND BIRDS! There is a nest of baby robins, bunnies of all sizes, a momma squirrel with 3 babies and several ground squirrels. Cassidy and I love running and chasing each other. Mom and Dad said we are like race car drivers - we run in left circles. Sometimes we are creative and run in figure eight formation. We take turns being lead chaser. We do body slams in the nice big lily plants as they are so soft to fall into. But now the plants are all flat and yellow. Mom and Dad didn't yell at us at all and just looked at each other and said that the plants will grow back next year - I can't wait!

There were these really cool big bugs around here with wings and red eyes. Cassidy and I just loved watching them. Sometimes we pounced on them and sometimes we walked up to a tree or fence and licked them up. There were millions of them! Mom really didn't like when we ate them. She said it was disgusting and gross; probably because she didn't try them herself. She tells US to take a bite of something new to try but SHE wouldn't try the cicadas - its not fair!

Mom and Dad must be feeding us something good (maybe its the cicadas!) as we have grown SO much. Cassi and I each weigh about 38 pounds but are built differently. I am very solid and muscular (Mom says like an athlete) and Cassi is tall, long and lean (Mom says like a dancer).

Cassidy and I did not like our first 4th of July. It was SO LOUD AND NOISY! We were so scared. Dad was at work and Mom sat with us in the stairwell and cradled us tightly and talked to us very quietly and calmly. She kept telling us we were good girls and how much she loved her girls and she would protect us. Mom said it was the longest period of time she saw us SO STILL AND QUIET. Normally we are quite rambunctious. As of the 5th of July we were back to our "wild child" ways.

We are full of boundless energy, curiosity, mischief and all things puppy X 2!! Sometimes we tune out the parents when they are talking to us and we do our own thing. Lucky for us our parents don't want to spank us so sometimes they spray us with water to get our attention. They even bought a special pretty pink spray bottle just for us!

That's all for now; I have to help Cassidy with her blog. Please don't forget to check out her blog, too. ( Thanks for your continued interest and support, Keira.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


No more nightly crying since night 1. No more crate messes since night 2. Morning wake-up is around 6am (a bit more reasonable than 4:30… but whatever it takes). These little sisters get along very well together. They bark at each other all the time and play together with each other, along side each other and independently of each other which is great as there is hardly any jealousy displayed unless they both want the same lap at the same time.

We are all finding our way into each other's routines. Our favorite routine AND HOPEFULLY THEIRS… Lap time love snuggles before bedtime!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Trixie Adopted!

Hello all,
Just wanted to let you know that Jersey Girl/ Trixie and Gidget were adopted today together! They are living the good life in Chicago Heights. The family if very animal friendly their backyard is full of noisy birds,squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies. The have wonderful oak trees in back with huge nests, I saw 3 woodpeckers when I pulled up to their driveway. The wildlife will not know what happened once those pups get off leash. They have a mud puddle in the back yard that they are waiting to dry up before they are allowed off leash. Gidget and Trix were excited to see each other and recognized each other right away and then the playing began! Both pups are about 25 lbs now and are all legs!
Chris and Mary were very excited to have their children in their home!
Here's a photo of Gidget & Trixie with their new parents. I forgot my camera and had to use my camera phone.

Friday, March 2, 2007

What a wonderful girl!

I just can't say enough what a wonderful pup she is. Her potty training is going VERY well and she is at about 90%, I would say. For her age she is not bitey or jumpy at all. She is also quite the cuddler and makes cute groaning noises when she is snuggling in for a hug.

Successful Surgery!

Jersey Girl, who's been lovingly renamed "Trixie" says "thank you thank you thank you" to the wonderful staff at All Creatures Great and Small in Downers Grove for her wonderful new look. Her eyes are still a little red and swollen and she is being pampered here with a snuggle buddy on the couch after her spay/eye surgery yesterday. She took some food and water this morning and will be scampering around before we know it! Wow Trixie! Now you are just as cute as you are a sweetheart!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jersey is going through her surgery

We show this as a BEFORE surgery photo. Jersey came to IBR with a condition called "Cherry Eye" which is 'a prolapse of the tear gland of the third eyelid that is repaired surgically' (thank you Ellen!).
Jersey's foster mom writes:

I am holding off sending out pics until after surgery...(it is actually in both eyes,she just has one closed in the photo) It does affect her sight as she keeps running into the glass door! Poor girl! But she is having fun with my boys and getting along fine with Pre and Rosie as she pretty much leaves them alone and seeks out the human play & cuddles at this point. I am SO glad she is getting a second chance through IBR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah IBR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is a tired girl today--I think she realizes she can finally relax and recoup a little from her rough start in life. She did get Rosie to play with her outside some today which was fun to see Rosie prancing around like a puppy again!

A new foster home awaits...

Jersey girl got some chance for a little R&R (as in Racing & Running) at Amy's house, before continuing her journey to her new foster home.